A pupa

Tell me, who would you be?
What would you like to become?
Wait, hold my hand a little and come with me
Look in the mirror
Yes, look closely
Do you like her?
Not you, her!

But where are we going?
What do you mean look in the mirror?
Umm… Do I like myself you mean?

If life is two opposing forces
If life is a constant push and pull effect
I stopped resisting
If life is energy that vibrates and transforms
Mine is depleted, barely vibrating

Do I like her?
She took over for a while.
She took over and wants to handle it all
By not handling any of it
A little droopy, I can feel her whole body frowning

You know, I am a lot bigger than this
There is a sensation I carry inside of me
This sensation pulls when the world pushes
It pushes when it pulls
It’s telling me “take up space!”
Opposing nature,
I become the butterfly that keeps its wings closed
Reminiscing about being the size of a caterpillar
Hanging from a tree

What am I?
I am a butterfly
Wings fluttering
Chasing colors of petals
Resting on flowers
Passing you by reminding you
How lucky you could be
If only you dared believe

What am I?
Arms open
Legs extended
Twirling, twisting, turning
Moving in all directions
A life force in action

What am I?
Feet strong on the ground
Arms in the right direction
Legs striding in my path
Feet stomping
You delight yourself in their rhythmic beats

How do you like to be loved?
You, I mean and not her
Oh, I want him to look at me
The butterfly I am
As I walk, I want him to search for my hand
Hold it and walk by my side
I want him to hold my soft heart
Caress it, tell me it is okay
I want him to find my heart
When his is aching
So, he feels the strength of each beat
Each of its beats resisting death in life

Maybe death is pulling us towards it
While life pushes us to it
To live it while we are in it
Why seek that which is to come eventually?
If you are to die, why die earlier?

Maybe your dreams are the life
The life people need
So they push against the pull of death
Maybe you need to open your wings
Fly from one colorful petal to the other
Fly as a lucky charm
Flutter your wings remind them life is energy
Let them feel it

A caterpillar, you disassemble all that is inside
To hold inside you like liquid gold
A pupa; you don’t need to be anymore
Metamorphosing to the butterfly you are
How beautiful it is to be yourself



أنا مُتَغَيّرة

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