I always get the urge to write you something or write something about you
This urge grows when it is March and I am reminded of the day you were born
March is one of my favorite months because of you

Whether they call it March or Mars
The month resembles you and you resemble it too
The commencement of spring
Springs would not have come
Had we not marched our way through life’s winters
Earth coming close to its neighboring planet
Close enough it lights up our skies
Keeping us wondering if that which is far can ever be attainable
Is there a life on Mars?

Spring was to me about all that is green
Spring was about the flowers
We had a garden growing up
It wouldn’t have been green
Nor would it had flowers
If you hadn’t planted them with your own hands

One day I’ll be planting my own garden
It’ll be with the seeds you have planted in me
I’ll remember you when the seed breaks
Penetrating the soil to find the sun
I’ll remember you as it grows taller
and as it flowers and holds fruits
I’ll celebrate that fruit the way we celebrated
the first fruit on our pear tree
We never thought that frail tree can hold fruit
We split that pear



أنا مُتَغَيّرة

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